Mommy Needs A Drink…

Oh yeah, it’s one of those days. We had the morning from hell. Too bad because it didn’t start out that way. It was just as I imagined for this time of year…foggy and a light mist in the air. Chilly enough to turn up the heater, throw on my favorite fuzzy green bathrobe and fleece lined slippers.

With my sweet little Doodle in tow, we headed downstairs to make breakfast. It was a special morning. Ali was ready for a big girl breakfast! For those of you not used to mornings filled with jars of baby food oatmeal, this was a really big deal for us.

It quickly took a terrifying turn when after the 4th or 5th bite of instant organic oatmeal, Ali began to break out in hives. I did a sort of double take. Yup, I didn’t want to admit it but she was swelling. Mostly in her lips and left side of her face. Agggghhhhh!

A mad dash to the phone and thankfully I have her doctor on speed dial. Everything was a blur after the nurse told me “I don’t want to alarm you but you need to call 911“. Three hours later we were home. A morning wasted in the ER with no diagnosis other than “She looks fine now. Next time give her Benadryl“.

Ugh, Mommy needs a drink… I’m sure it’s 5pm somewhere but seeing as it’s just after lunch here, I’m going to have to settle for this:


What is it about Chamomile tea that can make an upside down day right-side up? Sure it’s not a hubby sized margarita (more on that later) but it sure gets the job done and puts a smile back on my face. The pasta dish I reheated didn’t hurt either…


I bought the pasta yesterday for lunch at Whole Foods and so I can only guess what’s in this bowl of yumminess. My hope is to try to replicate this at some point but here’s my best guess at the ingredients:

Butternut Squash Pasta

Caramelized sweet onions
Spinach (fresh)
Butternut squash
Brown sugar



Fall Bucket List

One of my Mommy Facebook friends had a great Fall Bucket list idea. (Thanks to Marie Bitsnclips over at


So basically we are all (in addition to our own list) going to post photos of our favorite Fall Meal, Drink, Outfit, Activity, Makeup, and Decor. These can be posted on Facebook, our own blogs, or even Instagram but the point is to link them all together so we can share our Fall favorites with each other!


I really love this idea and am looking forward to checking off my list because as you all know I am a weirdo when it comes to lists! What can I say? It keeps me organized! So I spent some time putting my own Fall Bucket list together and here goes:

Our Fall Bucket List 2012

• Pumpkin spice latte and a walk with family (somewhere with lots of trees before leaves fall)

• Bake mini pumpkin pies in pie maker

• Zucchini bread

• Fly our kite

• Minestrone soup

• Family caricature picture

• Fall pictures

• S’mores over BBQ

• Decorate house for Halloween

• Pumpkin patch and corn maze

• Carve pumpkins

• Disneyland for Halloween

• Trick or treating with warm “spiked” drinks

• Apple picking in Sonoma

• Crock pot applesauce

• Risotto


Big Green Monster


This beast is full of some of the most interesting recipes from years of magazine subscriptions and catalogs.

Embarrassing to admit that of the hundreds of recipes in this Big Green Monster, I’ve probably only made 2 or three! Which makes me wonder if I’m just a recipe hoarder?

Time to tackle this beast and figure out who the winners and losers are. At the very least it will leave room for more recipes!


Hola Blogland!

Welcome to my blog Eat It or Starve!

Who am I? Oh, just a Stay-at-home mom and aspiring Chef (in my own mind at least) but definitely NOT a Short Order Cook! Life is just too busy and I am full of too many ideas for recipes I’d love to try and alter. I’d like to use this blog to share my attempts with you all out there in blogland. I can’t guarantee that they will all be winners but hey, there’s always pizza delivery right?!

So full disclosure…I am not trying to reinvent the wheel here. There are AMAZING recipes out there and so I plan to use my bookshelves full of cookbooks, files of ripped out recipes, magazines, tv cooking shows, food truck meals, Pinterest, and various other online resources as inspiration. Surely there are recipes out there which my family will love and hopefully yours will too!