Fall Bucket List

One of my Mommy Facebook friends had a great Fall Bucket list idea. (Thanks to Marie Bitsnclips over at picklebeanbooks.blogspot.com)


So basically we are all (in addition to our own list) going to post photos of our favorite Fall Meal, Drink, Outfit, Activity, Makeup, and Decor. These can be posted on Facebook, our own blogs, or even Instagram but the point is to link them all together so we can share our Fall favorites with each other!


I really love this idea and am looking forward to checking off my list because as you all know I am a weirdo when it comes to lists! What can I say? It keeps me organized! So I spent some time putting my own Fall Bucket list together and here goes:

Our Fall Bucket List 2012

• Pumpkin spice latte and a walk with family (somewhere with lots of trees before leaves fall)

• Bake mini pumpkin pies in pie maker

• Zucchini bread

• Fly our kite

• Minestrone soup

• Family caricature picture

• Fall pictures

• S’mores over BBQ

• Decorate house for Halloween

• Pumpkin patch and corn maze

• Carve pumpkins

• Disneyland for Halloween

• Trick or treating with warm “spiked” drinks

• Apple picking in Sonoma

• Crock pot applesauce

• Risotto



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