Big Green Monster


This beast is full of some of the most interesting recipes from years of magazine subscriptions and catalogs.

Embarrassing to admit that of the hundreds of recipes in this Big Green Monster, I’ve probably only made 2 or three! Which makes me wonder if I’m just a recipe hoarder?

Time to tackle this beast and figure out who the winners and losers are. At the very least it will leave room for more recipes!



6 thoughts on “Big Green Monster

  1. Oh goodness! You should see my “collection” of everyday food magazine. Lol I agree with Missy, I would love to see the winners and losers 🙂

  2. I want to see more of this thing. I just have all of my recipes crumped into tiny, lumpy squares and shoved in my little recipe box. A bigger organizer is a great idea! More pics please!

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