Cloudy with a chance of Nachos?

When I was a little kid I was sure of two things if nothing else. 1) If I ran fast enough in circles I could make butter out of thin air like Little Black Sambo and 2) one day it would rain food just like in the book Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. Never … Continue reading

Latte Love

What was our life like before Starbucks? How did our parents and grandparents survive on plain boring old black coffee at just nickels a cup? I wonder what they would think about us all paying $4-5 per coffee, errr, Latte. Now just to really make sure we are all getting our money’s worth, the bar … Continue reading

Mommy Smells Like A Tamale

Wow, just when I thought I’d heard everything! The latest trend in perfumes? Food scents! Yes, you too can go through the day smelling of Eau de Tamale Pie! Somewhere in the house I just heard a belly laugh and I’m sure it’s my husband reading the Huffington Post article I forwarded him. Now just … Continue reading

Hippie Food

By chance, I came across a documentary today called Following Sean. It is actually a sort of sequel to a film made by the same director 30 years before called simply Sean. The original 15 minute student film documented a conversation between the director Ralph Arlyck, and a boy named as you may have already … Continue reading

Consider the Fork

I’ve spent the better part of 2012 in a post pardum mommy brain haze. Just the typical hormonal and sleep deprived state most new moms find themselves in. Well, for me that meant that I had neither the attention span nor general interest in reading. No interest in anything really, other than my baby and … Continue reading

Colonial Keggers

Watched an episode of The Layover with Anthony Bourdain on the Travel Channel last night. This time he was visiting Philadelphia and if you are a fan of any of his series, you already know that Chef Bourdain NEVER misses any opportunity to go to a bar wherever he is in the world. Now I’m … Continue reading

Hello 2013, Let’s Get Blogging!

Oh gosh, is all I can think of right now. What have I committed myself to here? Blogging every single day in 2013! This from someone who is notorious for overcommitting myself and becoming easily distracted by the next super fun thing. Drives my husband batty! So what’s my plan for staying on track you … Continue reading