Butternut Squash Bliss

Oh, it feels so good to be home! We had a great time at Disneyland and California Adventure. Lots to see and plenty to do. Not much great to eat though. Well, that is unless it’s shaped with Mouse Ears and smothered in chocolate or some other yummy goodness. But who can live on that … Continue reading

S’mores On The BBQ

Feels good to check off a fun activity from our bucket list! S’mores on the BBQ were a huge hit but honestly who doesn’t love s’mores? No one here in this family that’s for sure! I did learn an interesting tid bit about my hubby. Poor guy had no clue how to properly roast a … Continue reading

The Other Big Mac

If there was just one meal my husband would eat day after day, breakfast-lunch-dinner it would have to be Mac n’ Cheese. That guy is loco for cheesy pasta! Now that our little babydoodle can indulge in some Italian delights he’s decided that its time to pass on his love of the cheesy Mac. That’s … Continue reading

Mommy Needs A Drink…

Oh yeah, it’s one of those days. We had the morning from hell. Too bad because it didn’t start out that way. It was just as I imagined for this time of year…foggy and a light mist in the air. Chilly enough to turn up the heater, throw on my favorite fuzzy green bathrobe and … Continue reading

Fall Bucket List

One of my Mommy Facebook friends had a great Fall Bucket list idea. (Thanks to Marie Bitsnclips over at picklebeanbooks.blogspot.com) So basically we are all (in addition to our own list) going to post photos of our favorite Fall Meal, Drink, Outfit, Activity, Makeup, and Decor. These can be posted on Facebook, our own blogs, … Continue reading

Big Green Monster

This beast is full of some of the most interesting recipes from years of magazine subscriptions and catalogs. Embarrassing to admit that of the hundreds of recipes in this Big Green Monster, I’ve probably only made 2 or three! Which makes me wonder if I’m just a recipe hoarder? Time to tackle this beast and … Continue reading

Hola Blogland!

Welcome to my blog Eat It or Starve! Who am I? Oh, just a Stay-at-home mom and aspiring Chef (in my own mind at least) but definitely NOT a Short Order Cook! Life is just too busy and I am full of too many ideas for recipes I’d love to try and alter. I’d like … Continue reading