Cloudy with a chance of Nachos?

When I was a little kid I was sure of two things if nothing else. 1) If I ran fast enough in circles I could make butter out of thin air like Little Black Sambo and 2) one day it would rain food just like in the book Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. Never mind that I wasn’t particularly fond of meatballs and dreamt of nachos falling down from the skies instead. It would happen one day. I was confident.


It’s funny looking back the things we believe as children and why not I suppose. I mean, my mom really did feed us Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast after all. Then there was the time we told all our neighbors we were making Stone Soup but were short on supplies. They were very generous just like the villagers in the story. Yummy soup for one and all!



There were cautionary tales, like I just knew to not accept a red apple from an old lady. That foolish Snow White. She had no common sense! Never eat an entire bowl of honey. Like Winnie the Pooh said, its not good for your tummy! If I ever had a pet mouse, I was sure to not give it anything! It’s amazing what can happen If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.


This is really valuable life experience I plan on passing to my daughter. I’m sure she will thank me one day!


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