Latte Love

What was our life like before Starbucks? How did our parents and grandparents survive on plain boring old black coffee at just nickels a cup? I wonder what they would think about us all paying $4-5 per coffee, errr, Latte.

Now just to really make sure we are all getting our money’s worth, the bar has been raised even higher! It’s not just coffee. It’s art!


My older brother is obsessed with the art of latte foam. He loves coffee and is a talented artist so it’s kind of a no brainer. We stayed at his home over Thanksgiving and were treated to morning cappuccinos complete with artsy foam leaf designs. Fancy smancy! Let me tell you it was tough to leave!

But alas, first world problems…


Between you and me, I don’t think it makes the coffee taste any better but there’s something good for the soul to see that foam design on top. Puts a smile on your face and warmth in your belly!

Still I think my brother has the right idea. Buy your own cappuccino maker and just keep practicing on that leaf. Save the spotted giraffe for your $5 coffee!


3 thoughts on “Latte Love

  1. Amazing! My boss used to make me coffee (latte or cappuccinos) with their super expensive high end coffee machine. They tasted amazing, and she would practice beautiful designs that were like a fun surprise in my cup! Nothing like walking into work on a Monday morning to be immediately handed a wonderfully decorated latte!

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