Consider the Fork

I’ve spent the better part of 2012 in a post pardum mommy brain haze. Just the typical hormonal and sleep deprived state most new moms find themselves in. Well, for me that meant that I had neither the attention span nor general interest in reading. No interest in anything really, other than my baby and some sleep.


I missed my monthly Book Club gals. But even when I finally managed to show up at a meeting or two of our group BookMARC, (that’s an acronym for Meghan, Audra, Roseanna, and Carleen…aren’t we a clever bunch?!), I really had nothing to contribute. Mostly because I hadn’t read the book. Usually, I didn’t even really know which book it was that month. It was just too much for me to keep going and not fair to them to show up for cocktails and dinner with my baby in tow, offering little or nothing to the conversation. I regretfully bowed out of our group.

Fast forward to the end of 2012, after multiple blood tests, a visit or two to a nutritionist and I was diagnosed with borderline anemia and a Vitamin D deficiency. Turns out it wasn’t all mommy brain after all. Now 3 weeks into my prescription supplements and I’m starting to find the old me. More energy, focus, and a desire to read again. The timing couldn’t be better when I came across the book Consider the Fork by Bee Wilson.


Ok, so I’ll admit what first attracted me to this book was the cover. I’m a sucker for anything antique or old fashioned. Plus, it’s a history book! About cooking and eating? Oh yeah, I thought, thank you Amazon Prime. I’ll be seeing you in my hands soon enough!


The author, Bee Wilson, is an English food writer and historian. She’s written a few other books with quirky titles like Swindled: The Dark History of Food Fraud and Sandwich. She’s won a boatload of awards in her field and judging from the photo on the book jacket, she can’t be much older than me. She has this look where I can imagine in her Mary Poppins voice saying “Oh, so you think you know it all do you. Hmmm, well now just sit back and listen to this little bitty…”.


And so I plan to do just that tonight. I recommend you do the same. Just think, we could even chat about it. Sure enough, you’ll be hearing more from me (and Bee) here soon!


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