S’mores On The BBQ


Feels good to check off a fun activity from our bucket list! S’mores on the BBQ were a huge hit but honestly who doesn’t love s’mores? No one here in this family that’s for sure!

I did learn an interesting tid bit about my hubby. Poor guy had no clue how to properly roast a marshmallow! You can imagine my horror watching him fumble around. But this is what love and marriage is all about and like they say, “for better or worse”…. So we had a little recap on the wonderful world of marshmallow roasting. (Guess I took my summers at camp and our late night marshmallows over the fire pit for granted).

Not to worry though! Crisis averted and he’s on his way to becoming a pro! He has a real appreciation for the fire induced crust that forms on a marshmallow after turning it into a mini flame thrower. Is there anything better than the smell and gooey goodness of what lies under that charred crust? I think not!

All in all it was a winner Blog Land! I’m so glad we did it. (And no one even could tell we used Gluten free marshmallows!)

Tonight we are off to the pumpkin patch and hope to conquer the infamous corn maze!

Our Fall Bucket List 2012

• Pumpkin spice latte and a walk with family (somewhere with lots of trees before leaves fall)

• Bake mini pumpkin pies in pie maker

• Zucchini bread

• Fly our kite

• Minestrone soup

• Family caricature picture

• Fall pictures

S’mores over BBQ

• Decorate house for Halloween

• Pumpkin patch and corn maze

• Carve pumpkins

• Disneyland for Halloween

• Trick or treating with warm “spiked” drinks

• Apple picking in Sonoma

• Crock pot applesauce

• Risotto



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